Our Products

Only by controlling the whole process, from the plant to the transport and handling, we can  grant our customers the best quality product.

Strawberry puree

With an unbeatable geographic and climatic location, Andalusia is a benchmark in world strawberry production. At Josán Frutas y Verduras, we work with the best producers in the area, to offer you the best products and completing the process from the beginning to the end.

Deep frozen berries

Star product to import, being department stores and wholesalers our most loyal Clients

Having the best resources, helps us to present a top quality product.

Sweet and Bitter Oranges

Available for jams, dehydrated juices and in different sales formats such as pulp, cut, concentrated orange, dehydrated orange.


Some of our most popular products nationwide. We follow up from the plant to the end customer.

Melón y Sandía

Galia and Piel de sapo melon variety and Selene variety on watermelons. availables in season.

Some of our most popular products nationwide. We follow up from the plant to the end customer.

Transportes asépticos

We have high quality containers and tanks in which we can ensure the asepsis and safety of transported food liquids.

The company has several formats available in order to grant that the chosen method adjusts to the needs of the client.

Our experience in the Agri-food sector allows us to offer the best products to our clients. With our product monitoring in plant, as well as our advice and mentoring, we can offer a high level of quality and guarantee.





Bitter Orange (Sevillian Orange).

and much more available products.

The purchase and distribution of processed fruits and vegetables requires great confidence in the professionals who carry out the work, as well as in the supplier. As a general rule, the buyer is forced to make an act of faith regarding the quality of the product supplied.

At Josán Frutas y Verduras we monitor the product from the plant, ensuring the quality of the product. We also take care of the entire process, thus being able to certify and ensure the quality of the final product.



Deep Frozen.




Concentrated Juices.

…and everything you would need for your business.

Logistics is essential in the world of Agrifood, determining both the good state of conservation of the merchandise and its final price..

We have a large variety of aseptic containers to ensure the asepsis and safety of the transported products.